5 Ways to Impress Health Care Employers and Recruiters With Your Online Profile Picture


Having a high quality, professional online profile picture is an important element to finding your next clinical professional or health industry worker job in Australia. More and more Australian health care employers and recruiters are now turning to Google searches and social media to review your online profile picture and learn more about you.

Here are MedicalJobsAustralia.com’s recommendations to help you improve your online profile picture to make a lasting first impression with a potential health care employer or recruiter.

1. Have Online Profile Pictures
These days, most health care employers and recruiters expect to see a profile picture of you online. If a potential health care employer or recruiter looks you up online and your profile picture doesn’t exist, it may hurt your job interview chances. Employers and recruiters often question why a potential job seeker’s profile is left blank.

2. Take or Replace Your Photo with a Professional Online Profile Picture
Most smart phones these days take excellent photos. Ask a friend or family member to take a standard head shot of you smiling and upload this as your online profile picture. There are also a range of photo Apps available in the App Store or Google Play Store to help you take professional photos, like Pixlr and Hipstamatic.

3. Use Natural Lighting or a Well Lit Environment
Try to make sure your standard head shot is taken using natural lighting or in a well lit environment. Dark or bad lighting will only make your online profile picture look dull and bad.

4. Avoid Group Shots and Cropped Photos of You From Group Shots
Group shots and cropped photos of you from group shots is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made by job seekers with online profile pictures. You should avoid uploading an online profile picture with a group shot showing you with a group of family/friends/pets/colleagues or a cropped photo of you taken from a group photo showing part of someone’s arm around you etc

5. Size Your Online Profile Pictures Correctly
Within each social media and online site like LinkedIn and others there are specific recommended dimensions for your online profile picture. You should use that as your guide. Generally, square profile pictures tend to work best at 200 x 200 pixels. If you don’t have the tools to resize your photo, you can find free online resources like PicMonkey¬†and Gimp and Apps in the App Store or Google Play like Square Sized to make resizing your online profile picture easy.