3 Steps to Dressing for Medical Job Interview Success


The medical profession in Australia is a competitive one and it’s important to arrive at your next medical job interview looking your very best.

Most health service, hospital and medical clinic employers in Australia have their own established dress codes, which you want to meet and even exceed for your job interview.

Your medical job interview attire will really depend upon the health care employer and the position you have applied for. You can find out about dress codes by asking the interviewer or doing some personal research on the health care employer.

First impressions count and that’s why it’s important to always consider what you are going to wear to an interview and dress appropriately on the day.

Here are MedicalJobsAustralia.com’s tips for dressing for job interview success.

1. Aim to Look Professional and Polished for Your Next Medical Job Interview
When dressing for your interview, your number one goal should be to look professional and polished. This means neat, tidy, smart clothing choices and good personal grooming and accessories.

2. Smart Interview Attire
Smart interview attire options for men and women include:

Men Interview Attire
Solid colour suit – navy, grey or black
Long sleeve shirt (white or coordinating with suit)
Dark socks
Polished, conservative leather shoes
For business casual interviews – dress trousers, a collared shirt, tie and jacket and clean, polished shoes

Women Interview Attire
Pant or skirt suit – navy, grey or black
Skirts you can comfortably sit in
Closed toe, conservative shoes or high heels
For business casual interviews – dress trousers or a skirt, a collared or wrap blouse, sweater, jacket and clean, conservative shoes

3. Personal Grooming and Accessories
Good personal grooming and accessories for men and women include:

Neat, professional hairstyle
Light or no aftershave or cologne
Trimmed nails
Little or no jewellery
Optional, briefcase or compendium

Professional, neat hairstyle
Manicured, clean nails
Limited jewellery
Light or no perfume
Optional, soft and natural looking make up
Optional, briefcase or compendium