Using Trello to Organise and Manage Your Health Care Job Search

These days, there are numerous Apps and online project management technologies to help you manage and organise your projects and life. Are you currently using any Apps or online technologies to help organise and manage your health care job search? If not, an online project management program like, Trello, may help you to organise and manage your job search more effectively on and other online job sites.

Trello is a free, easy and visual online program to manage projects and organise anything.

Trello can help you organise and manage your job search to do list and create a visual health care job search workflow to help maximise your job search productivity.

The benefits of using Trello for your health care job search include:

1. Allowing you to visually map out your health care job search work flow to assist you in landing your dream job.

2. Planning out and defining the health care employers you want to target ie create cards within Trello with your employer wish list and another with current job opportunities you’d like to target and apply for.

3. Keep yourself organised and reduce stress when you are busy applying for jobs, fielding phone calls and interviews with employers etc. On the Trello cards, you can simply enter updates on individual cards to keep records of your job search progress.

For some additional useful tips on how to use Trello to organise your job search, please follow this link: