Registrar/PHO/Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Canberra & ACT, ACT

01/12/2023 - 01/02/2024


Registrar (PGY 4-5)

  • Accommodation and Travel Provided
  • Attractive rates and Night Shifts
  • Other similar jobs available - please feel free to call us on 1300 900 100 to discuss

A Metropolitan ACT hospital requires a Registrar/PHO in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from 01/12/2023 to 01/02/2024.

Friday 01-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Saturday 02-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Sunday 03-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Monday 04-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Tuesday 05-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Wednesday 06-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Thursday 07-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Friday 08-Dec-23
Saturday 09-Dec-23
Sunday 10-Dec-23
Monday 11-Dec-23
Tuesday 12-Dec-23
Wednesday 13-Dec-23
Thursday 14-Dec-23
Friday 15-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Saturday 16-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Sunday 17-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Monday 18-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Tuesday 19-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Wednesday 20-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Thursday 21-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Friday 22-Dec-23
Saturday 23-Dec-23
Sunday 24-Dec-23
Monday 25-Dec-23
Tuesday 26-Dec-23
Wednesday 27-Dec-23
Thursday 28-Dec-23
Friday 29-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Saturday 30-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Sunday 31-Dec-23 20:30-08:00
Monday 01-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Tuesday 02-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Wednesday 03-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Thursday 04-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Friday 05-Jan-24
Saturday 06-Jan-24
Sunday 07-Jan-24
Monday 08-Jan-24
Tuesday 09-Jan-24
Wednesday 10-Jan-24
Thursday 11-Jan-24
Friday 12-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Saturday 13-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Sunday 14-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Monday 15-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Tuesday 16-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Wednesday 17-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Thursday 18-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Friday 19-Jan-24
Saturday 20-Jan-24
Sunday 21-Jan-24
Monday 22-Jan-24
Tuesday 23-Jan-24
Wednesday 24-Jan-24
Thursday 25-Jan-24
Friday 26-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Saturday 27-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Sunday 28-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Monday 29-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Tuesday 30-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Wednesday 31-Jan-24 20:30-08:00
Thursday 01-Feb-24 20:30-08:00

For further information about this job, please contact Shruthi Shetty on 1300 900 100. The rate is $200.00/hour

To apply, please click 'Apply Now' on this page to complete the enquiry form on the Skilled Medical website and upload your CV. We will get back in touch with you. Should you wish to discuss this position further, please call 1300 900 100.

Please note: you must be eligible for work in Australia and be eligible for general or specialist registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

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Job Ad Reference 159360
Date Listed 25 September 2023