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Audiology is the clinical science involving the study of the auditory system. It involves specialised knowledge, skills, and technology which enable practitioners to conduct hearing tests and assessments, and prescribe management and treatment options, such as hearing aids, or referral to Otologists or ENT doctors for further investigation. Audiology services are provided in hospitals and private or community clinics. These services are available to people of all ages and seek to improve and maintain hearing, communication, and balance.

Audiology Jobs

Audiologists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of hearing defects and ear-related disorders. They conduct hearing tests, assess auditory conditions, and provide advice and services which prevent, manage and rehabilitate hearing loss. They prescribe, fit and repair hearing aids and other devices. They can identify more complex conditions which require referral for further treatment and care. They can measure and advise on safe noise levels in the workplace. Audiologists work in hospital departments, private and community clinics and education settings. To pursue a career in this field, Audiologists complete 5 years of university study, including a master's degree and internship.

Audiometrists provide routine audiometric screening services and advice. They assist and collaborate with the audiologist. Audiometrist roles usually require completion of a TAFE qualification and traineeship/work experience.