Health Service Categories and Careers


Pharmacy is a health science. It combines medicine and chemistry, and is concerned with the properties, preparation and dispensing of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists have thorough knowledge of the effects, side effects, interactions, and therapeutic properties of medications. Pharmacies operate in hospitals and in the community and private sector. They play an important role in strengthening medication management and helping to reduce the long-term costs of medical care.

Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacists specialise in preparing and dispensing medications. They develop good relationships with their clients and give expert advice on medication choices, doses, interactions, and management. They give advice to the public, as well as to physicians and other health care providers. They may operate a pharmacy and be responsible for sourcing medications, accurately filling prescriptions, complying with pharmaceutical legislation requirements, and training junior staff. Pharmacists complete a 4-year Bachelor degree in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences or a Master of Pharmacy and register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia (AHPRA).